Implement sales campaigns more effectively and efficiently than ever before

Advance® enables the continuous real time examination of your sales force's in call skills and execution of current marketing campaigns.

Confidence that your marketing campaign has been delivered effectively

Your Customer Relationship Management systems might tell you that your marketing campaign has been delivered, but your detail follow up three months later suggests otherwise. Advance® gives you the real time metrics regarding your campaign delivery, that you can respond to while you can still make a difference.

The Outcome – knowledge your campaign has been given the best possible opportunity to be successful.

Insightful real time analytics, with enough power to satisfy the data monkeys

Data is powerful, but only if it is accessible. Advance® provides a simple to use analytics suite with the power needed for those who value the opportunity to dig deeper, to drill down to individual behaviours, products, people and time periods.

The upside – individuals can react to data to improve performance now, without the need to wait for commissioned reports.

Quality performance reviews, focused on development and not scores

If performance is measured solely on observable behaviours or if they form a significant part of the overall measurement of success, Advance® can guarantee the objectiveness of those assessments and provide metrics to significantly shorten the performance review process.

The benefit – comfort that development plans are forward focused on increasing effectiveness in an ethical manner.

How good are your sales people at selling and how do you know?

Sales interAction are UK based, with a global reach focusing on In Call Excellence

Our web-based tool Advance® enables sales people to realise their true potential. By working with Sales interAction you will continually know how effective your sales force is in front of your customers and be able to focus your valuable resources to maximise the selling capability of your organisation.